Cercopis arcuata

Fieber, 1844



BL ♂♀: 7.5-9.0 mm. Base color black, thorax and legs always completely black. Forewings usually with a posterior red band and two red spots on each wing (var. typica). Red coloration can be very weak or absent. Body shape broad ovoid. Ventral plates of the connexivum completely red. Frons in sideview clearly exceeding the fore margin of the vertex.

Two more color morphs are distinguished: 

  • C. arcuata var. haupti Priesner, 1923: red spot in the clavus is lacking.
  • C. arcuata var. pallida Mancini, 1934: the spots which are usually red are yellowish-brown.


  • Male aedeagus: shaft short and curved, spine-like appendages coalesced at the base to a plate with relatively small teeth.

Adults between April and June, hibernates in the larval stadium. Thermophilic. In open oak- and pine forests and grassland. Probably feeding on grasses and herbs. 


A widely distributed species in southern- and central Europe.

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♂ Imago

♀ Imago

♂ Imago