Gargara genistae

(Fabricius, 1775)



BL ♂♀: 4.4-5.5 mm. Pronotum with a large, straight posterior appendage. Body greyish or blackish (sometimes brownish) with a white stripe on both sides of the head and thorax. Head and thorax with small, yellowish hairs. This species is easily recognized by the absence of lateral spines on the pronotum in combination with its dark color.


This species lives on several woody Fabaceae, but is mostly found on Cytisus. It is mostly found in warm and dry areas and is often attended by ants. Adults are found between the end of June and the beginning of October. Nymphs can be found in June and July.


Gargara genistae occurs in almost all of Europe except the north.

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♂ Imago

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♂ Imago