Haematoloma dorsata

(Ahrens, 1812)



BL ♂: 6.7-8.5 mm; ♀: 6.9-8.6 mm. Base color black, thorax and legs completely black. Outer margin of forewings red. Forewings with a broad, red posterior band, a red spot in the clavus and a red spot in the corium, connected to the red outer margin. Coloration of forewings can be very variable, some specimens are nearly completely black, without any red coloration. Frons not clearly arched, not exceeding the front of the vertex.


  • Male aedeagus: shaft short, with two short appendages.

Adults between April and July, hibernates in the larval stadium. Adults feed on pines in open to closed forest, mostly on sandy substrates. Larvae feed on the roots of grasses, most probably mainly on Deschampsia flexuosa. Feeding damage is known from the Mediterranean area.


Widely distributed throughout southern and central Europe.

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♂ Imago

♀ Imago

♀ Imago

♀ Imago