Oxyrhachis capeneri

Izzard, 1953



BL ♂♀: 6-7.5 mm. Pronotum with process which is a bit shorter than elytra, reaching to the end of the 2nd apical cell. The process is flattened, has a dark tip and is entirely punctuated. Pronotum brownish, with lateral spines which are triangular, acute and arched forwards. Forewings acute and with brown veins. Legs brown, abdomen black.*


Found in mostly dry and warm sites on woody and herbaceous plants. Adults can be found between July and November.


Oxyrhachis capeneri is known from the central Mediterranean area.

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* Description based on Fieber's description of Oxyrhachis delalandei Fairmaire, 1846. For his description he used specimens from the Mediterranean area, which were later used for the description of Oxyrhachis capeneri.